How Can I Make My AC Colder?

October 23, 2019

The Louisiana heat gets oppressively hot, especially during the dog days of summer. It’s crucial during these scorching afternoons that you have a properly functioning air conditioner in your home. However, sometimes running the AC just doesn’t cut it, and you need it to be a little bit cooler. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make your AC run colder than it usually does. Continue reading to learn how to do that, and a little bit more about your HVAC in Chalmette, LA.

Schedule annual maintenance

The best way to ensure that your AC runs as cold as possible is to call an HVAC technician for an annual tune-up. During this maintenance call, a professional will look over every aspect of your system to check for anything that seems amiss and make any necessary adjustments. He’ll also clean the unit for optimal efficiency throughout the year. Not only will this process guarantee that your AC puts out cold air, but it’ll also save you a boatload on your monthly cooling bills.

Clean the unit

Though your HVAC technician will clean your AC during your maintenance call each spring, you can also do a little cleaning by yourself throughout the summer. Make a habit of clearing debris from around the outside of the unit, and even cleaning the coils and blower. These small steps keep your unit humming right along and producing as much cold air as it’s supposed to.

Change the filter

On top of the cleaning chores mentioned above, be sure to change out your filter each month. Changing the filter ensures maximum airflow, which means your home will get as much cold air as you can handle. In addition to being nice and cool, the air inside your home will be fresh and free of pollen and allergens. Experts recommend changing your air filter each month for best results.

Seal cracks or add insulation

Making your home cooler and more comfortable isn’t just about HVAC in Chalmette, LA. It also has to do with your home’s ability to keep inside air in and outside air out. The good news is that this can be a quick DIY task! Add insulation to your attic or crawlspace, and go around your home and seal up any cracks that are allowing air to slip outside. Also, make sure your family members are keeping doors and windows closed when the AC is running!

Upgrade your unit

If none of the steps above help make your home cooler, you may have to upgrade your air conditioning in Chalmette, LA. A unit that’s too small for your home won’t be able to properly cool the space, leaving you sweating in the middle of the summer. Talk to your HVAC pro about getting a unit that’s the right size for your house.

Whether you need to install a new unit or repair your current one, we’re your go-to company when it comes to air conditioning in Chalmette, LA. Give our team at JMB A/C & Heating LLC a call today to get a free estimate or to learn more about our services.

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