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Ideal Wintertime Thermostat Settings

November 4, 2022

The thermostat is something that everyone has an argument over at one point or other. While some prefer that the temperatures be a bit warmer, others want to keep it as cool as possible. Finding a good balance during the winter months is a must and can make a huge difference in the overall comfort that you feel in your home. What Temp to Set a Thermostat at During Wintertime? During the winter it can be hard to settle on a temperature that works for everyone and that is not going to run your bill sky-high. There are a few... View Article

Tips for Maintaining an Efficient Furnace in Your Home

October 26, 2022

As cooler weather approaches, you may have concerns about your furnace working as it should. You may even be wondering how to make your furnace more efficient. You can do various things to ensure it works without issues this winter. How To Maintain a Furnace If you want to know how to maintain your furnace, here are some tips you can implement: Replace filters – Sometimes your filters may not always need to be replaced, but quickly observing them will give you the answer. Filters should be changed between three and 12 months to ensure their efficiency. The frequency will vary... View Article

Top Furnace Brands To Consider 2022

September 9, 2022

What furnace should I upgrade to? Everyone interested in new furnaces is probably asking this critical question. There is no doubt that some major furnace brands have dominated the market for many years. However, as information has shown, some unique furnace brands are joining the market and you need to know about them. Here are some of the best furnaces to buy. 1. Lennox Over the years, Lennox has been one of the most reliable furnace brands. Thanks to their G60UHV model, this brand was voted the most efficient gas furnace in 2020. This furnace became the first ever non-condensing... View Article

How To Prepare Your Furnace for Wintertime

August 26, 2022

JMB A/C & Heating in Chalmette, LA, helps to keep your home or place of business as comfortable as possible throughout the year. Summer is nearly over, and the cooler winter months will be here very soon. The change of seasons raises the question: When should I maintain my furnace? Early fall is the best time to learn how to prepare your furnace for winter and schedule any professional assistance that you might need from our highly skilled and experienced HVAC technicians. When you know how to prepare your furnace for winter, you should get the most efficient and safest use... View Article

Does Your Heater Need to Be Replaced? Here Are Some Warning Signs

February 9, 2022

Wintertime brings with it many challenges. Keeping water out of the foundation and your car running are just two of the outdoor tasks that can be a hassle, but more importantly it’s critical to keep your home’s heater in good working order. Your family’s safety and comfort rely on your home being kept at a cozy and consistent temperature, so knowing how and when to maintain your heater is a critical part of being a responsible homeowner. Staying up to date on heater maintenance is a great start, but beyond regular checkups, how can you tell if something is awry?... View Article

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