The Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist You Should be Following

July 20, 2022

As a top-notch business owner, you must always think ahead to ensure that your customers, employees, and visitors are comfortable. Having timely commercial HVAC maintenance plans is one of the most effective ways to do so. Here’s some information about maintenance and what to have on your checklist when it’s time to invite a service technician before the spring or fall seasons. 

When Should You Have HVAC Maintenance?

The best time to have someone perform maintenance on your HVAC system is a few weeks before the seasons change. You should have your heating unit serviced before the fall comes into season, and your cooling system needs to be tuned up before the sweltering summer bursts into the season. Additionally, you should consider having someone do a quick check on your system once a month. By getting ahead of HVAC care, you’ll avoid surprises, such as non-working units, inadequate cooling or heating, or unhappy customers or workers. 

What Are the Important Parts of HVAC Maintenance?

The most efficient process is to have the service technician look over your entire system. However, these are some of the main components that receive priority care:

The Air Filters

Air filters are the first components to have issues in HVAC systems because of their thin design. They need to be changed regularly because they accumulate dust and debris while performing their primary job of filtering the air. A dirty or worn air filter can cause your cooling and heating quality to decline rapidly, leaving everyone in your business uneasy. 

The Refrigerant

Refrigerant usually leaks when a problem exists in the system. When it runs out, you’ll notice that cool air no longer blows from your HVAC system. A tech can get the issue under control by refilling the coolant and finding the primary issue. 

The Thermostat

A service technician should check the thermostat to ensure that it functions properly. These items control how the HVAC system cools or heats, and you should pay careful attention to them. 

The Coils and Belts

The coils and belts should be checked and cleaned, as they can wear and get dirty. Coils can also freeze and cause a slew of problems with your cooling system. 

Fan Motor Blades

The fan motor blades should be appropriately cleaned and checked for bends and looseness. 

Electrical Connections

Someone should check all the electrical connections for frayed and damaged cords and then examine the fuses and other connections. 

The HVAC specialist should also check the ignition systems, duct system, and flue system if applicable. 

The Benefits of Proper HVAC Maintenance

Peace of mind is the most helpful benefit you get from having your system maintained and evaluated properly. You may also receive positive comments and referrals for your business by keeping everyone relaxed. Furthermore, you’ll increase your profits by decreasing your expenses. Poorly functioning HVAC systems run up the energy costs immensely, but well-maintained ones slash those bills. 

Keeping your HVAC system maintenance is the smartest way to save your business money. It will also keep smiles on the faces of everyone who visits you. Consider scheduling the maintenance with a reputable HVAC company as soon as possible.   

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