Are UV Lights for Your Home’s HVAC Worth the Investment?

May 17, 2021

Ultraviolet light has long been used for sanitation purposes in many industries, including restaurants, grocery stores and hospitals. The light can kill bacteria, fungi, mold and some viruses. It’s also been effective in reducing the number of unhealthy airborne microorganisms.

The goal of installing ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system is to neutralize the aforementioned microorganisms, which can harm the quality of the air being circulated throughout your space. In a place like New Orleans, LA, where the air is often humid and ripe for mold growth, air quality is a legitimate concern. This article will offer information about UV light installation and whether it’s cost-effective or not.

There are two types of HVAC ultraviolet lights: air sanitizing lights and coil sanitizing lights. Let’s take a look at both.

Air sanitizing lights

These lights are placed in the duct work that transports returned air to the system. When switched on, these ultraviolet lights can kill any harmful microorganisms present in the air, sterilizing it before it’s sent out to the rest of the home. Some varieties of these lights are constantly on, while others are rigged so they only switch on when the blower itself is on.

Coil sanitizing lights

These UV lights are designed for your air conditioning system’s indoor coils. Your AC uses these coils to condense moisture in the air, which dehumidifies the air in your home. The problems arise when everything that might be in the air—like dirt, dust, pet dander and other debris—passes over the coil.

The coil’s surface is wet, and gunk can form when the airborne material makes contact with it, creating a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Coil sanitizing lights combat this by being designed to continuously shine onto the coil, killing any potentially harmful airborne organisms.


There are several benefits to using ultraviolet lights in your New Orleans, LA HVAC system. They can help to prevent growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, and may be effective against COVID-19. Ultraviolet lights can reduce bad, musty, dank smells and odors in your home and provide better overall air quality.

They can also help you provide your air conditioner with a cleaner coil, resulting in a more efficient and inexpensive cooling process. And finally, UV light installation can help combat the growth of algae, which in turn can keep your condensate drain lines clearer.


UV lights have their share of drawbacks too, including their deleterious effect on the inside of your HVAC system, the extensive on-going maintenance they require, and the fact that you’ll still need to use air filters in conjunction with the ultraviolet lights.


Ultraviolet lights for your HVAC system aren’t cheap either, with the total cost associated with them, including installation, ranging anywhere from $300 to $1,000. Replacement bulbs can set you back anywhere between $50 and $250.

As to whether they’re worth the investment, that’s a personal decision that you can hopefully make with all the above information that’s been presented. If you’re interested in learning more, your HVAC contractor can certainly provide additional information!

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