What Is a Typical Building HVAC Maintenance Schedule?

March 2, 2021

When it comes to integral systems in your building, it’s tough to overlook the importance of your heating and cooling system. Without functioning HVAC, you’re sure to be uncomfortable throughout the workday. While a properly installed HVAC system should last for years without needing to be replaced, it can’t go very long without maintenance.

Monthly, seasonal and annual facility HVAC maintenance in New Orleans, LA is required to keep everything up and running. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of HVAC maintenance.

Daily tasks

Keeping an eye and ear out for any HVAC issues should always be on your building manager’s mind. Banging noises or burning smells are just a couple of the common signs that something’s amiss. Unless your facilities team is trained in HVAC repair, it’s essential to call an HVAC technician right away.

HVAC issues will only get worse if they’re ignored. Before your system suffers a complete breakdown, you may notice some higher energy bills.

Monthly tasks

A few monthly tasks include changing air filters, inspecting registers and ensuring thermostats are all in working order. All of these can be performed in just a few minutes, and they’re fundamental in preventing a host of issues.

Neglecting these maintenance items lead to poor indoor air quality, higher energy bills and even system breakdowns. While performing these monthly tasks, be sure to note anything that seems a little off with your system. Any problems should be addressed by an HVAC technician right away.

Seasonal tasks

Professional seasonal maintenance of your air conditioner should be performed each spring, and your heating system should be inspected each fall. However, more frequent quarterly inspections and commercial HVAC maintenance in New Orleans, LA can’t hurt! The more often you hire an HVAC technician, the more efficiently your HVAC system will run.

Quarterly or bi-annual maintenance items include performing an entire inspection, cleaning your entire HVAC system, changing air filters and more. These seasonal inspections have proven to prolong unit lifespan and ensure proper functionality throughout the year.

Yearly tasks

While all of the items mentioned above can prevent breakdowns and the need for unit replacement, annual HVAC maintenance does the most to prolong unit lifespan and help avoid costly repairs. Again, annual facility HVAC maintenance in New Orleans, LA needs to be performed by a trained and licensed professional.

During your annual checkup, your pro may disassemble your system to check for any parts that seem to be prematurely worn down or at risk for failure. This is also a good time to have your air ducts cleaned, which reduces the allergens in the air and helps keep everyone healthy.

While annual inspections and tune-ups may be the most expensive out of all the maintenance items, they’re certainly cheaper than having your system replaced!

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