Common Signs of Furnace Failure

January 13, 2021

Have you been experiencing some furnace difficulties lately? It’s important to pay attention to the warning signs as they happen so you know when to call in a professional to make the necessary tune-ups and furnace repairs in New Orleans, LA.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common signs of furnace failure that should prompt you to take action:

  • Big increases in utility bills: Pay attention to how much money you’re paying each month for your utilities. There are a lot of potential furnace problems that could cause some inefficiency with its operation, resulting in higher energy costs each month.
  • Burner flame colors: If you have a natural gas furnace, you should check out the color of the flame when it lights up. Most furnace models will have at least a small peephole that allows you to analyze the flame without opening the door. A yellow flame likely indicates a dirty burner, which means the gas isn’t completely burning off. This means you’re not getting as much heat as you otherwise would, and also that you might not be properly venting carbon monoxide.
  • Problems cycling: Do you have issues with your furnace regularly cycling on and off more frequently than you would want to have? This usually means there’s something in the system preventing it from heating a full cycle. This could be caused by a fan motor that’s dying, a dirty heat sensor or other parts within the system that aren’t functioning as they should be.
  • Buildup of moisture: Are you seeing a buildup of moisture on windows, walls or ceilings in your home? This could be a sign you’re not getting sufficient airflow. It usually indicates stagnant air, which is more likely to become humid and damp. This could be a sign that there’s a problem with your furnace or your ventilation system.
  • Water leaks: Have you seen water pooling around your furnace? This should be an obvious indication that there is a problem. Water is a byproduct of the gas furnace or air conditioner. Check and see where the water is coming from—if it only occurs when running the air conditioner, this is likely an issue with the water condensate line being clogged or leaking. If the water is coming from the furnace, this is more indicative of a serious problem that should be resolved by a professional.
  • Old age: Sometimes a furnace simply has surpassed its usable lifespan, and it’s time to invest in a replacement. Usually you can expect to get about 20 years of service out of most furnace models—anything after that is just good luck. If you know your furnace is at least a couple decades old, it’s probably time for you to consider installing a new one that’s more energy efficient and will save you some money in the long run.

Interested in learning more about furnace repair and replacement, and what you can do to improve your furnace’s efficiency? Contact JMB A/C & Heating LLC today for furnace maintenance in New Orleans, LA.

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