Why Your Business Needs a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan

July 2, 2020

If you’re the owner of a commercial building, it is important you do everything you can to keep that building and its infrastructure in good condition for as long as possible. Your commercial HVAC system, for example, needs regular care and maintenance if it is to continue operating efficiently and effectively long into the future.

Here’s a quick overview of why it’s so important for your business to develop a commercial HVAC maintenance plan in Chalmette, LA.

Commercial HVAC systems need ongoing maintenance

The operation of commercial HVAC is subject to certain regulations your residential HVAC is not. There are labor regulations that require temperatures to be kept at a certain level, which ensures the comfort and productivity of employees and customers in the building. It is also required that you keep the air free of certain contaminants and pollutants to ensure people inside the building are not exposed to particles that could make them sick.

There are a few primary benefits associated with ongoing maintenance plans for your commercial HVAC. First and foremost, staying on top of your routine preventative maintenance will help you cut costs. A clean, well-maintained HVAC system runs much more efficiently than one that is dirty or has sustained some significant wear and tear without maintenance. More efficient operation means less energy consumed to get to the desired temperature in your building, which in turn means lower payments on your monthly energy bills.

Changing your filters, for example, opens up much more space for air to flow through, which means your furnace or air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to regulate the temperature of your space.

Ongoing preventative maintenance also allows you to extend the life of your system. When you consider how much money it can cost to replace a commercial air conditioner or furnace, it is important that you do everything you can to extend its life as much as possible. Ongoing maintenance means fewer breakdowns and major repairs, which means a longer life. There will always come a point in time where it makes the most financial sense for you to replace the system entirely, but it is in your best interest to push this time off as far into the future as possible so you can put your money toward other aspects of your building management.

And of course, there is also the simple fact that you cannot maintain a comfortable interior without having an HVAC system that functions efficiently and effectively. Customers are less likely to want to do business in buildings where they are extremely uncomfortable. Employees are less likely to be happy or productive when they are forced to work in uncomfortable environments.

These are just a few of the primary reasons why you should make it a priority to develop a commercial HVAC maintenance plan in Chalmette, LA. For more information about everything involved in commercial HVAC maintenance, or to schedule an appointment, we encourage you to contact the team at JMB A/C & Heating LLC today.

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