Why Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

May 15, 2020

Summer has just about arrived, and with it comes the cooling season. Now is the time to check your air conditioning system and make sure it’s functioning properly.

One of the most common problems people report with their air conditioning is that the air that comes through the vents is actually warm. Obviously, this is an issue—the entire purpose of air conditioning is to cool down your home when the temperature outside is hot. Here are just a few examples of some of the potential problems that you may need to address through AC repair in Chalmette, LA to get cool air flowing through your system:

  • Check the setting on the thermostat: This might seem like an unlikely problem, but it’s something you should check before taking any other steps. Make sure that your thermostat is actually set to “cool,” instead of “warm” or “fan.” In addition, the fan setting should be on “auto,” and the temperature should be below what the room temperature reads on your thermostat (generally at least five degrees below). If your settings on your thermostat are not correct, then you’re not going to get the cooling results you want.
  • Dirt and grime: Dirty components or filters could be another cause of warm air flowing through the system. Check the outside unit and see if the condenser is dirty. Is there tall grass, leaves or debris that might be causing a blockage in the unit? If so, get rid of that blockage immediately. Also, check the filter inside your home—there’s a possibility it needs to be changed. You should change your air filter several times a year, because as it gets packed with dust and dirt, it will become less efficient and effective and could result in cold air failing to flow through your system.
  • Leaks in air ducts: Improperly sealed air ducts are another common reason for cold air failing to come through the vents. Just about all air ducts will leak to a certain extent, but significant leaks in the ducts could compromise your home’s cooling processes. You will likely need professional help to tackle air duct leaks, because those ducts are located behind your walls and under your floors.
  • Refrigerant leaks or low levels: Low refrigerant might be the root cause of your air conditioning not blowing cold air. If you have low refrigerant levels, that means your cooling processes won’t be as effective. If you’re low on refrigerant, that means you have a leak somewhere in your system, because the refrigerant doesn’t get “used up” over time. You’ll need a professional to come out to your home and find where the leak is located so they can repair it before adding more refrigerant. Otherwise, adding more refrigerant will simply result in more of it leaking out.

These are just a few examples of some of the potential causes of air conditioning malfunctions. For more information about AC repair in Chalmette, LA, contact the team at JMB A/C & Heating LLC today.

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