Five Signs You Need to Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance

March 11, 2020

Air conditioning season will be here before we know it. Soon you will hear the clicks of AC units powering on and the roar of fan blades swinging into action to cool the interiors of buildings big and small. But your air conditioner may not work as it should if it hasn’t had its annual HVAC checkup. Whether it’s been half a year since you last used the unit or it’s already not cooling adequately, an AC service can help.

Here are five signs you might need commercial AC maintenance in Chalmette, LA:

  • Limited airflow: The point of any air conditioning system, be it for a residential home or a commercial business building, is to have cool air when you want it. If you notice your air conditioning unit struggling to produce cool air or the air not circulating well throughout your business, then the system needs to be inspected. This type of problem can be the result of clogged filters or blocked ductwork. Restricted airflow inside the workplace can have an effect on your team’s productivity, mood and health, so get your AC checked soon.
  • Unusual sounds: Some amount of noise is typical for all air conditioning units. However, your unit should not be making squeaking, rattling, popping, hissing or grinding sounds. Although some of these sounds don’t necessarily indicate a serious issue, you should let an HVAC professional take a look at your system if you hear them. A pro can help stop the strange sounds coming from your AC through assessment, adjustments and repairs.
  • Strange smells: Commercial air conditioning units should not produce any smells. Air conditioners are meant only to cool down and dehumidify your space. You might catch a whiff of dust or an unclean scent, which is usually due to a dirty air filter. Change the filter and see if the smell goes away. However, if you smell a foul or burnt/smoky odor in the air when the AC is on, turn the system off and call an HVAC specialist immediately. Act quickly to prevent fires, and practice regular maintenance to ensure a properly-functioning air conditioner.
  • Excessive moisture: Excessive moisture collecting around your air conditioning unit can indicate a very serious problem: the refrigerant may be leaking. If you see any wet spots, leaks or drips, call an AC technician to come out and inspect the unit. Repairing leaks and reducing moisture will keep your air conditioner healthy and guarantee you get the cool air you need.
  • High energy bills: Keep a close eye on your business’s energy bills this summer. If they appear higher than in past summers, your air conditioner may be malfunctioning in some way. A problem is more likely when you start receiving high energy bills at the same time you notice a reduction in cooling production, but this can be remedied with AC service and repair. Having an AC that functions properly day after day can keep your energy bills reasonable.

When you’re having AC trouble and need commercial HVAC maintenance in Chalmette, LA, look no further than JMB A/C & Heating LLC. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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