Six Tips for Keeping Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

November 6, 2019

The average residential household will see a significant increase in their heating bills during the winter months, which makes sense. Winter is, after all, the coldest time of the year, so you’ll have to run the heater more often to stay comfortable. The good news is that there are steps you can take to save money on heating costs, including calling for HVAC winter maintenance in Chalmette, LA.

Below are six tips to help you boost the efficiency of your heater, reduce energy loss and lower your overall heating costs this winter:

  • Seal air leaks: Air leaks are a common contributor to higher heating bills. Leaky windows and doors let in cold outdoor air and allow warm indoor air to escape from right under your nose. Sometimes you can feel air leaks simply by running your hand along the edges of doors and windows. Other times you might even see sunlight poking through. To fix this problem, replace worn weather-stripping or add caulking around the window or door frame. Both solutions create a tight seal.
  • Replace filters: Check to see if your furnace has its own filter. Replace this filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Also, change the air filter to your whole HVAC system. This filter goes in the opening to the air intake and is in place to trap unhealthy airborne particles. A dirty air filter or furnace filter will put extra strain on the heating system, requiring it to work overtime. Not only will your energy bills will be higher, but your heater might need costly repairs sooner than expected.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: Change the way you look at heating energy in Chalmette, LA by making an upgrade that benefits you and your HVAC system. When you install a programmable thermostat—and most are reasonably priced these days—all you need to do to start saving money on your heating bills right away is program it. You can program the thermostat to automatically drop the indoor temperature down to a cooler setting when you’re not home or while you’re asleep. Don’t set it to turn off completely when you’re away on a long vacation, as pipes could freeze.
  • Bundle up: The most budget-friendly way to stay warm at home is to just bundle up. Instead of setting the thermostat to a high temperature and using a ton of energy, turn down the heater and wear a sweater, wrap up in a blanket and put on a pair of fluffy socks.
  • Hang curtains: In winter, choose curtains that add both style and function. Thick, heavy floor-to-ceiling curtains block a good amount of drafts and prevent heat loss through windows. Thermal curtains or pull-down blinds can also save you money on your heating bills.
  • Schedule a professional inspection: Annual HVAC checkups are extremely worthwhile. They don’t cost much, and they can help identify issues before they become a real expense. Have your HVAC system serviced once or twice a year.

If you want to book a time for HVAC winter maintenance in Chalmette, LA, don’t hesitate to contact JMB A/C & Heating LLC today.

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