Make Sure to Prep Your HVAC Unit in Chalmette, LA for Fall!

September 10, 2019

The weather may still be a bit warm where you live, but fall will be here before you know it. How prepared are you for the cooler temperatures? The following tips are for anyone who owns an HVAC unit in Chalmette, LA:

  • Change the air filter: If you have a central heating and air conditioning system in your home, then there’s likely one air filter to change. Ideally, you should replace dirty air filters every one to three months, depending on the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, how much you use your HVAC and other conditions in your home. Note that fall is almost always a good time to change out your filter. The cooler weather will have you keeping doors and windows shut, meaning indoor air will recirculate more than in the summer. A fresh filter will ensure good indoor air quality.
  • Seal up cracks: An important part of winterizing for fall and winter is sealing leaks in your home or building. Check the seals, caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows for dried or cracked materials. Repair busted seals to keep cold air drafts out during fall. This simple maintenance task also helps your HVAC system perform at maximum energy efficiency.
  • Test the heater: Before the cold really sets in, consider turning on your heater and giving it a test run. You probably haven’t used your furnace in months, and dust will have settled on the heating components of your system. Let it run for a few minutes so the dust can clear out. It’s important to note that as the dust burns, you might pick up a slight burning smell—this is normal at seasonal startup. Contact an HVAC professional if the burning smell does not go away quickly.
  • Perform inspections on ductwork and unit: Like your heater and air conditioner, ductwork also needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal air quality inside your home or office. However, without the proper training or tools, you might only be able to inspect your HVAC ductwork and furnace to a point. That means just peeking into the openings of the air vents in each room and visually inspecting your ductwork for damage or debris that could constrict airflow. Hire a pro to check for damaged areas or openings where heat can escape.
  • Clean the outdoor AC unit: Be sure to prepare your air conditioner for hibernation when the summer season ends. Take the time to clear debris like dirt, dust, leaves, grass clippings, weeds and grime from around the outdoor air conditioning unit, and clean the evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty coils will only get worse during periods of dormancy, which can restrict airflow when it comes time to use the AC again.
  • Schedule a furnace tune-up: Some annual HVAC maintenance is best done by a professional. Your technician will test, inspect and clean parts, tune up the system and inform you of any needed repairs.

If you’d like to schedule seasonal HVAC cleaning in Chalmette, LA, call JMB A/C & Heating LLC to book an appointment. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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