How to Reduce Your AC Energy Usage

August 8, 2019

During the hottest days of the summer, you’re likely running your air conditioner all day long—and dreading your next bill as a result. Did you know that reducing your AC power usage can also help prevent costly air conditioning repair in Chalmette, LA? Here’s how:

  • Change the air filter: Most filters should be replaced once a month, but some filters are made to last three to four months. No matter the recommended amount of time between filter changes, always make it a point to check it once a month. If it’s obviously dirty and clogged with debris, then your air conditioner is having to work extra hard to bring cool air into your home. Dust that gets through the filter will gather on the motor and fan, slowing your system down and requiring more power for it to run.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: The key to using your air conditioning efficiently is running it only when you need to. But if you have a manual thermostat, chances are you will end up losing track of things. The good news is that there are programmable thermostats available that automatically adjust the temperature for you based on the schedule you’ve set. This type of smart device makes it easy to reduce your air conditioner power consumption.
  • Set the thermostat one degree up: When you set the thermostat one degree higher than normal, your AC will run less frequently and use less power. This practice keeps you conscious of where your thermostat is set on a daily basis, but be sure everyone in your household gets the memo. This energy-saving strategy, though a seemingly small change, is so easy to implement that most people don’t even notice the one-degree difference.
  • Unblock vents and ducts: It hasn’t dawned on everyone that things like furniture, clothes, toys and resting pets could be blocking the air vents in their house. If objects are sitting over the top of vents, then air cannot pass through them. Your air conditioner will work harder and use more power as it struggles to break through the barrier to no avail. Another problem is dirty ducts and vents—the cleaner your system, the more efficient it will be.
  • Upgrade to an energy-efficient AC: When the time comes for you to replace an old air conditioning unit, consider upgrading with equipment with higher energy-efficiency ratings. Keep in mind that the more energy efficient the system is, the more you may be able to reduce your AC’s power consumption. Talk to your local HVAC technician about high-quality, energy- saving equipment and professional installation services.
  • Schedule regular maintenance: Regular AC maintenance often includes inspections, cleanings, tests and tune-ups performed by a certified heating and cooling specialist. It’s the ideal time to have those hard-to-reach AC components cleaned, electrical connections fixed and worn parts replaced, all of which are important for saving energy.

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