Loud Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Do!

April 8, 2019

Your air conditioner is crucial if you want to stay comfortable throughout the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, ACs can start to make loud noises after a few years of operation. Over time, these grinding noises, rattles, hisses and pops can make relaxing in your home almost impossible. This post from your trusted AC service in Chalmette, LA will teach you more about these noises, and what you can do to avoid them.

Common sounds

A noisy air conditioner in Chalmette, LA can make a variety of different sounds. Here are a few of the most common ones our customers complain about:

  • Rattling: A rattling sound coming from the outside unit typically means that there’s twigs, leaves or other debris in the vents. It could also be a more serious issue like loose nuts or bolts, or a problem with the compressor.
  • Grinding: Annoying grinding sounds typically result from a problem with the fan motors, usually the bearings. Only a professional HVAC technician will know for sure, though.
  • Popping: You may hear a sudden pop coming from your walls when the AC kicks on. This actually isn’t a problem with your AC unit itself, but rather your ductwork. If this is a common occurrence, you may want to have your ducts inspected to ensure there aren’t any issues.
  • Hissing: Many times, a hissing noise coming from your AC unit is a sign of a refrigerant leak. Be sure to have that checked out by a professional! Hissing can also come from your ductwork. And, as we mentioned in the previous point, you should consider having your ducts checked out by a pro.


Your AC doesn’t have to be loud. In fact, preventing it from getting that way is a lot easier than you might think:

  • Change the filter: You should change your filter every month. However, your filter can clog up faster than that, which can lead to noises. Our advice is to inspect your air filter and see if it’s full of pet hair, dust or pollen. If it is, you should consider changing it more frequently than once a month.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance: Having an inspection and tune-up each spring is a fantastic way to prolong the lifespan of your unit, reduce energy bills and prevent breakdowns. Additionally, these annual tune-ups can help prevent most of these annoying noises. If you haven’t had your AC inspected yet this year, be sure to pick up the phone and give us a call today!
  • Call for repairs as soon as possible: Even with regular maintenance, your AC can still break down. Don’t wait around and hope these AC problems will go away! Instead, call a professional right away to make any necessary repairs. The sooner you call, the less expensive it’ll likely be to fix.

Don’t live all summer long with a noisy air conditioner—call JMB A/C & Heating LLC for AC repair in Chalmette, LA today! Our wide range of services, experienced professionals and competitive prices make us one of the premier air conditioning service providers in the area.

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