Get Your AC Unit Ready for Spring with These Five Tips

March 11, 2019

Spring is right around the corner! Soon the leaves will return to the trees and the birds will start chirping as the outdoor temperature begins to warm up. You’re likely preparing to switch on the air conditioning, with spring on the way and summer to follow soon after. Most homes tend to forget about their air conditioner during the winter months. The air conditioner isn’t ready to hit the ground running after an extended vacation. You could go to turn it on only to find it’s no longer working!

Operating the unit without any cleaning or AC maintenance in Chalmette, LA could damage the unit and reduce its efficiency by up to 5 percent. Now is the perfect time to take care of the air conditioning unit to keep it running great throughout spring and summer. Follow these tips to get your AC unit ready for spring.

Clean off all dirt and debris

First, start off with some AC cleaning in Chalmette, LA. Leaves, dust and other debris can accumulate around and on top of the unit during the winter months. Clean off any dust and dirt before sweeping away the clutter. The buildup can force the unit to work harder to keep the home cool, which requires more energy and inevitably leads to higher monthly utility bills.

Try a test run

Switch on the unit for about 30 minutes to an hour for a brief test run. Listen for any unusual sounds, smells or behaviors. Examine how it’s functioning from both inside and outside the house. This trial run will give you the chance to spot any issues before they become major problems. Call a professional for AC maintenance in Chalmette, LA if you notice anything unusual.

Change the filter

A worn filter allows dust and dirt particles to get into the air inside of your home. This can trigger allergies and asthma, in addition to damaging the AC unit by undercutting its efficiency. Replace the filter to improve the indoor air quality and keep the unit running smoothly.

Clean the ducts

Cleaning out the ducts will help alleviate those pesky spring allergies. The ducts can accumulate dust and debris, which are then circulated in the air that moves throughout the home. Clean the ducts to improve the efficiency of the unit and improve your indoor air quality.

Schedule maintenance

There’s nothing worse than to have your air conditioner fail during the heat of the summer. Scheduling a preventative maintenance session with a professional air conditioning technician is the only way to ensure you’re not left sweating during an unexpected breakdown. A trained technician will be able to identify any developing issues and address them before the temperatures creep up. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the rush during the peak summer season.

Ready to schedule your spring maintenance session? Call JMB A/C & Heating LLC today to learn more about our residential and commercial services. Don’t forget to ask about our specials on AC cleaning in Chalmette, LA this spring!

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