HVAC Maintenance Advice for Pet Owners

February 1, 2019

Do you have a cat, dog or other furry little friend? A pet can offer so much to its human—love, companionship, entertainment and lots of snuggles! But pets can also come with their own small challenges, including the potential damage they can cause to your HVAC system.

But here is the good news: having a pet does not have to wreak havoc on your HVAC system, provided you take care of regular HVAC maintenance in Chalmette, LA. Follow these simple tips, and you and your furry friend can enjoy a clean, comfortable home.

Here are six tips for pet owners to avoid AC and furnace repair in Chalmette, LA:

  • Grooming: If you have a pet that has long hair and sheds a lot, then you will want to make sure you have them groomed often. Proper grooming will prevent your pet from shedding too much, and the hair they do shed will be cleaner and easier to pick up. This means less pet hair will find its way into your HVAC system.
  • Change your filters: You probably know that pet hair can cause problems for your HVAC system—but did you know about pet dander? The tiny particles of dead skin will become airborne after they shed off of your pet and find their way into your AC filter. This is why you should change that filter early and often.
  • Clear your vents: Pet hair and dander can easily get caught in your vents. This can negatively impact the air quality in your home, and cause problems for anyone visiting who might have allergies. Fortunately, cleaning your vents every now and then is easy—and you can always just ask a professional to do the job for you!
  • Clean your ducts: No matter how often you might clean your precious dog or cat, they will still shed to some degree. That hair can easily end up in your ductwork, which is why pet owners need to be especially proactive about cleaning their ducts regularly.
  • Purify the air: Being a pet owner should be enjoyable! You should not have to spend hours cleaning up after your pet, making sure your HVAC system remains clean and high quality. So instead of stressing, make things easier on yourself by investing in an air purifier. If you get a HEPA purifier, almost all of your pet dander will be absorbed by it before it works its way into your ducts.
  • Call an expert: Do you feel like you already follow all these recommendations, but your home is still musty and has poor air quality? Your problem might be that you need a deeper clean, so call a professional for HVAC maintenance in Chalmette, LA! They can also provide regular HVAC maintenance, so that your system never gets to such a messy state again.

Being a pet owner is such a rewarding experience. Don’t let a relatively small concern like your HVAC system get in the way! If you have questions about furnace or AC repair in Chalmette, LA, please feel free to contact JMB A/C & Heating LLC anytime.

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