Here’s Why You Should Clean and Service Your Air Conditioner in Chalmette, LA

October 10, 2018

You put quite a bit of money into installing your air conditioning unit, so it only makes sense that you should prioritize maintaining it, so you can protect that investment for years to come. There are many benefits associated with air conditioning maintenance in Chalmette, LA, some of which are immediately apparent and some of which are more long-term sorts of benefits.

Here are just a few examples of some of these benefits.

Cut down on your energy bills

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but keeping your air conditioning unit as clean as possible at all times can significantly cut down on your monthly energy bill. When you have a unit that is blocked up, dirty or simply not maintained well, it’s not going to be nearly as efficient as a unit that’s kept clean and well maintained. An inefficient unit takes more energy to run, which means it will cost you more on your monthly utility bills.

Therefore, keeping the system as clean as possible will help you improve the overall efficiency of the unit while costing you much less money, especially if you keep up with those cleanings over a longer period of time. You won’t need to run the unit as often or as hard, because the air is cooled better and faster.

Cleaner, healthier air

It makes sense that keeping the interior of your air conditioning unit clean will also help you keep that air clean. An air conditioning unit that is dirty or has a filter that is packed with debris will result in that air being circulated throughout your home. This means any dirt, allergens and other particles of debris inside the system will build up and potentially cause blockages before they get breathed in by people in your home. The dirtier an air conditioning unitgets, the more likely it’ll be a breeding ground for mold as well, and you can be sure that mold will spread if it starts to form.

Avoid long-term maintenance issues

Cleaning your air conditioning unit on a regular basis will help you prevent a lot of maintenance problems that could arise, including the air conditioner freezing up. In such a circumstance, the Freon refrigerant lines in the unit aren’t getting enough warm air circulating in the area, which results in the coils freezing. Cleaning prevents this from being an issue.

A clean, well-maintained air conditioner can also be expected to last longer, meaning you can extend the meaningful life of this critical appliance by staying up to date with all cleanings, repairs and standard maintenance tasks you need to perform. This is important—you should be focused on doing anything you can to push off having to purchase a new unit, because that’s going to be a significant cost for which you may or may not be financially prepared.

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