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Key Steps to Take Before Turning on Your Air Conditioner This Year

April 19, 2022

Before that summer heat kicks in, you need to start thinking about what your AC system needs before you turn it on and let it loose for the season.  There are important maintenance tasks that need to be done to ensure that your system can keep up with the brutal heat of summertime. Keep reading to learn more about air conditioner startup tips.  Check the Indoor Equipment Your AC system is composed of both indoor and outdoor elements. You will want to make a thorough inspection of your indoor elements first. This will include the thermostat, ductwork, vents and drain line.... View Article

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

April 5, 2022

We spend 90% of our time indoors, and our indoor air quality can dramatically affect our health. Indoor air pollutants can be spread by HVAC systems, radon gas, building materials, cleaning products and smoking. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common pollutants that come from new carpeting or paint, cleaning products, office equipment (such as copiers), furniture or carpets made with synthetic materials and some building materials. In the air, VOCs can form a variety of harmful gases, including formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Here are indoor air quality tips to consider. Remove Air Pollutants Ensure your cooling and heating system is working appropriately. This... View Article

Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

March 3, 2022

Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit is one of the best ways to maximize the lifespan of your cooling unit while also ensuring that your unit is as energy-efficient as possible. Most heating and cooling professionals recommend that you perform spring HVAC maintenance. This is because it helps to get your air conditioning ready for the upcoming summer months after sitting idle during the winter months. Here are a few spring maintenance tips you can perform to get your unit ready for summer. Change Your Air Filter One of the best things that you can do to prepare your HVAC unit... View Article

Air Ducts: The Essential Spring Cleaning Item

March 1, 2022

Spring cleaning is when most homeowners do a deep cleaning of their entire home. Your HVAC system should also be cleaned in your yearly routine. The more people and pets that live in your home, the more dust, allergens, pollen, dander, airborne bacteria, and contaminants that can be in your air ducts. If you have someone in your home with allergies or asthma, having your air ducts cleaned yearly can greatly help them breathe clean and fresh air. There are also many other benefits to annual air duct cleaning as well. Extending The Life of Your HVAC System When your... View Article

How Checking for Leaves Can Prevent Furnace Repairs

February 23, 2022

Your furnace relies on several things to run properly. It needs a good and consistent supply of fuel, of course, but it also needs to have a steady feed of air to keep flames burning at the right temperatures. Your air intake is a critical resource for keeping your furnace running at optimal capacity. Without a proper air supply, your pilot light won’t burn hot enough and your furnace can be starved of oxygen that it critically needs. To that end, a big part of homeowner furnace maintenance consists of removing any potential blockages from the outside. Read on for... View Article

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